About products

• Tens of thousands of references for a comprehensive Automotive industry coverage
• Constantly in step with the times, in order to best meet the requirements of a challenging and constantly evolving market
• The quality is guaranteed by the accurate selection of products made by us
• The packaging is modern and accurate, for a totally safe delivery
• The e-commerce platform allows the customer to manage orders in total freedom

About assistance

• A support network of qualified and experienced professionals, ready to provide their experience to assist the buyer in the buying process
• Continuous customer support, with an office always at customers' disposal for every need
• A marketing department that offers advantageous campaigns for customers, also using tools such as Social Networks
• A serious, reliable and flexible company that uses technological innovation to provide maximum tranquillity and security to its customers

About the distribution

• Strategically located deposits in the territory to guarantee maximum efficiency and availability throughout the national territory
• Avant-garde IT system for the management of orders, logistics and after-sales developed internally by our technical department
• Departments dedicated to internationals management, which allows us to meet the challenges of international markets
• Great efficiency at every process stage, which ensures high customer cost savings and maintains a high quality standard